Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sunday came and we were back to work.  Good news!  Paola, still not feeling 100%, had started the days menu for our six guests and it was a busy one.  Starting with breaded and fried chard & fried cheese.  Then naked ravioli, cooked with butter and parmasean cheese. Fennel wedges covered in a bechamel cheese sauce.  A pork and prune kabob with a orange zest, fennel powder, salt and pepper rub.  A cheese and speck pizza.  Vegetable soup with pork skin and beans. Soo good! I made Pate a Choux with a lemon pastry cream filling for desert.

Then more good news, their daughter Cecila came in from Roma with her boy friend.  He is preparing to circum-navigate the globe in a sailing sloop, single handed.  Very nice man and spoke a little english.  Not much, but a little. 

Not so good news, the guests cancelled at the last minute.  Better news, for me, I got to eat all that food with the family, Julie and Annalisa, their worker and sweet girl who is a kick to be around.

And to top it all off, Chris comes to Roma tomorrow.  Somehow, the news just keeps gettin' better and better.

Naked Ravioli (top) kabobs and fennel wedges

Fried Chard with tomato sauce and pesto


Sara Collins said...

You and Chrissy are going to have a wonderful time. Wish we could come and join you but we will be there in heart.

Denise said...

Every time there is a food blog with photos (I'm a visual learner) I want to eat. I wonder how many of your followers are gaining weight vicariously! I can attest to the sumptuousness of the food you are preparing.

"Alla tabella con i buoni amici e famiglia non diventate vecchi"!
Italian to English Translation: At the table with good friends and family you do not become old.