Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Peeing for Free and enjoying Stinko

Monday brought another day off after a fun Sunday.  We made Stinko.  A very popular dish in Italy.  Plural of Stinko is Stinky.  We actually made Stinky.  With a gravey or sauce poured on the Stinky, it takes on a very "comfort food" feel.  You actually want to roll around in it and become Stinko.  Served with rosemary roasted potatoes, the ever popular sauteed broccoli, it's a perfect Sunday dish.  Stinko of course being a pork shank.  Braised and cooked slow with white wine and stock.

Monday we again navigated our way to Rome.  Two new things I learned while there.  Burger King is in Rome.  Like McDonalds.  When in Rome, it's great to find the venerable fast food giants.  Not to eat, but be able to pee for free.  Pay toilets are the norm.  Even if you can find them, they are a mess and I'm glad I can stand up to take care of business least half of the time and feel for the opposite sex. 

Stinky comes to mind.

The other thing I learned is Monday is not a good day to go to Rome.  Most things are closed for the day.  If they do open, they open at 4 PM.  We went looking for cucina (kitchen) tool  store and found one on the internet that had several locations and good reviews.  In fact, it was called C.U.C.I.N.A.  We got there at 11 and they opened at, you guess it,  4 PM.  There it was, 5 hours away and we had just eaten.  What to do?  Well it was much better than being in Poggio Mierteto like the previous week.  If  museums are closed, the sites in Rome are spectacular.  Roaming the Plazas and Via's of the city, there is always something to see.  Stop for a cappucino, have biscotti and people watch. 

And find a Burger King so as not to have to step in Stinko and pee for free.


Denise said...

We are fans of the Stinko too but we by it in a box. €2.49 at our local market... yum. Where's the photos of Roma? Glad you made it to town. You guys are getting to be locals. Love hearing about your Italian adventure.

Greg Simms said...

I went to that store, right near the Spanish Steps! It was GREAT!! There's a few others too, Spazio Sette is a BIG one, also Gusto. Paola knows about both of these.
Glad you finally made it out of Poggio M, LOL!