Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The days we aren't fed at Gusto al Borgo, we are left to our own devices. Sometimes with surprising results.  Last night was a good example. Since it was Monday, we did not work.  So we made lunch with some pasta with panchetta and peas with a tomato pesto sauce.  Julie, my classmate, did a great job.  But that's not surprising.  Dinner was a bit different.  I saw some bacon at Conads, the local grocery story here in Casperia, and had a hankeren for bacon and eggs.  But we had left over pasta as well. So I fired up the bacon, fried some eggs, reheated the pasta and poured some of the wine Steve and Denise brought me.

Squisito! (delicious)

It rained today and then the sun came out in a stunning display.  The air was fresh and cleansed of chimney smoke and the sunset was spectacular.   

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