Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures of Casperia

The views from my apt window in Casperia.

Looking down and left out my window.
Looking down and right out my window.

Casperia is a medivel town that is circular in design.  Each street goes higher up the hillside.  As you can see there isn't room for cars, so foot traffic is the mode of travel.  There two churches, a school, post office, tobacco shop, pastry shop, a small coffee bar and 1 restaurant in town.  The restaurant Gusto al Borgo is about a 4 minute drive from the main town.  Paola and Franco pick us up at the roundabout outside the coffee bar and drive us the short way to work.  It is also their home. 

As you walk thru town, most people leave their keys in the doors as when it's dark, you can't find keyholes.  The people are loud in their greetings and very expressive.  Everyone acknowledges you and your response is important as it is rude not to respond.    Even if you are foriegner like me.  A simple ciao or buongiorno (good day, used in the morning), buon pomeriggo(good afternoon) or buonasera (good evening) is appreciated.

Today is Tueday, the 4th and my first offical day of work.  More later.  Oh, work starts here at 10 or 11 AM

Arrivederci per ora
goodby for now

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Sara Collins said...

So cool Tommy. What a beautiful view from the apartment! I'm sure it wasn't easy to acclimate to all the change at once but hey, it's an adventure, right? I'm keeping Chris company in your absence. Love you.