Thursday, January 13, 2011

Typical Days

The restaurant is preparing for a buffet at the local church on Thursday. In preparation, we have made a chicken loaf that has ground bolonga with riccota and black peppercorns, parmasean cheese and cracked pistashio nuts.  Two savory tarts, one with califlower sauteed in spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmet with parmasean cheese and the other is a artichoke tarte with ricotta  cheese. The artichoke is cooked with white wine, garlic and olive oil. Julie made chocolate torte brownies with a chocolate ganache.

We left early as Paola and Franco had to drive into Rome.  We wanted to go with them, but they were in a big rush so Julie and I took the bus back up to Casperia. Bus rides are an interesting story here.  You get on the bus, don't pay and then you get off the bus and don't pay.  However, some people have a metro card and slide it into a reader and I guess that is some form of fare.  But, the drivers don't carry money, never ask for any and you can get off and on anywhere along the route.

Some more photos of Casperia:

A local cat warming itself on a postable vehicle.
You can see the PT sign, that's the post office, a pastry shop, the smoke shop, where you can pay for wifi and the last door is the local beauty salon.

A major traffice jam outside of Conad Market. (two vehicles). The building in the background is the local bank.  I withdraw money using my ATM card. For E250 it costs me $335, depending on the rate of exchange and fees.  Chase Bank kills you on the fees.  Aaarrgghhh!

Dusk at the town center.  To the left is the school, center the petrol station and on the right is the Petroccio Bar or Blue Cafe.  I go there for my morning cappucino.

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Darlene said...

artichoke tarte=wonderful. one order please