Monday, January 10, 2011

I like Sundays

Sundays are good days for Gusto al Borgo.  The two sundays I have worked, we have actually had customers.  We start a few days ahead and prepare the things that keep and then just finish them off after the guests arrive.  Like making fresh fettucini, par cooking vegetables and such.  We marinated the wild boar on Saturday in red wine, carrots, onion, ground up juniper berries, black pepper clove and rosemary and let it sit over night.  Paola cooks it in a pressure cooker and it is melt in your mouth tender.  Sooo good!

The guests today arrived at 1 PM and we had 5 adults and 1 little girl.  After serving appetizers, a salad of radiccio and mozzerella, Cream of Mushroom soup, artichoke cooked and served in their olive oil (delicious), chocolate ravioli filled with fresh pumkin and ricotta cheese, wild boar, fettucini in a butter sauce and finally a chocolate torte with whipped cream followed by conversation with Paola and Franco, the quests left.  The time was 5 PM.  It's like family, but nobody is related.  It's just how it works here.  I like Sundays!

While they ate and conversed, Julie and I sorted through the fresh vegetables Franco had picked early that morning.  Artichoke, Roma broccoli and other assorted greens that they organically grow in their garden on their property.

Monday we are off, so I get caught up on laundry and language homework.  Laundry is interesting here.  Using a small washing machine with directions all in Italian, a bunch of symbols and all manual.  It took me two days to figure out how to wash my darks.  My jeans are still not dry, 4 days later.  Good thing I brought 3 pair. 

Me taking the greens off the stems.  Sorting through the half eaten, by bugs, and good greens.

Roma Broccoli


Greg Simms said...

Hey Tom, there's a lavanderia next to the market where Paola shops in P.M.-Scala that I used to clean my clothes. I recommend it highly! It comes back all freshly folded and wrapped up. The short lady with the raspy voice owns the place, she is SO nice. She cried when I came in for the last time and said goodbye! They gave us a discount because we worked at gusto al borgo.
There's also a lavanderia in Cantalupo, you can take the bus there, it's a lot closer. There's a farmers market in Cantalupo on, i think either tues or thurs, you HAVE to taste the Porchetta if it's crispy, hot, and fresh! You will crave the crispy pork skin! Also make SURE Paola takes you to her bakery where she buys bread in Cantalupo. It's called La Madia, get the pizza with eggplant on top. He puts pork fat in the dough!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

Darlene said...

wait...chocolate ravioli filled with pumpkin?? brilliant..decadent. I miss you chef Tom ;-) come home soon with your recipes.