Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dial 115 for an Emergency

When I walked down the hill to town center this morning, there was a bee hive of activity.   There, located just outside the school, was a fire truck and up from them was an ambulance.  My concern that a student might be injured or maybe a school teacher was sick or a fire had taken place at the school kitchen, but I didn't see smoke.  I didn't see the firemen anywhere and thought they must all be in the school.  At last they came into view.  Seems they all needed a coffee break.  Just like back home with the great crews at the Orange County Fire Authority, it"s not Starbucks, but the Blue Cafe makes a great cappucino.

I'll need Chris to bring an OCFA patch and see if we can get a CFD (Casperia Fire Department) patch in trade. I bet there isn't another one to be found in all of Orange County.

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