Friday, January 21, 2011

Lettin' out a notch on the belt!

After yesterdays 'off day', we were back to it at Gusto al Borgo.  Paola had us make soup with ground up mira poix, sauteed in olive oil and then I added water from the broccoli that she had par-boiled. I added large diced potatoes, italian suasage and then she put in the broccoli and let boil.  A little tomatoe puree, salt, and (bow tie) pasta. A very hearty soup on a very cold day. We had snow on the surrounding foothills and hail in Casperia. 
     Julie cut fennel bulbs thin and sauteed them in olive oil and a bit of salt and water to soften.  It's served with some parmasean cheese sprinkled on top and is the best sauteed vegetable I can remember tasting.  So simple, but delicious.  We also had chicken breasts pounded thin, dredged in flour and sauteed in olive oil.  Once done, you deglaze with some white wine, butter and re-introduce the chicken to the sauce and add sauteed pumpkin with some garlic and sage.  I can't wait for holloween next year.  I'm going to make some killer pumpkin dishes.   Again, no customers so we ate good for lunch.

Hail Casperia

Last, but not least, we made Gnocchi alla Romana for dinner.  It's a traditional dish from Rome, hence the name.  No potatoes in this gnocchi.  Semolini flour, scaled milk, a bit of salt, TSP of butter and about 1/4 of a grated nutmeg.  Three spoons of parmasean cheese and once cooled, 3 egg yokes.  Mixed well and spread thin to cool even more on oiled trays.  Cut in rounds and stacked with more parmasean cheese and a dab of butter.  Cooked about 15 minutes at 375 and you thought you died and gone to Roma.  Let the old belt out one notch, thank you.

Gnocchi alla Romana

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Sara Collins said...

Looks delish and sounds even more delish. Souds like you're learning A LOT!!!!