Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pizza and Beer

There are few things in life better than eating pizza and drinking beer.  Well, I found tonight that making your own pizza with home made dough, fresh mozzerella cheese, tomato sauce and fresh garlic and drinking home made beer is even more better. (double negative) Especially when you're watching Italian TV  and you can't understand a single work except  when they slip in a word or two of english.

One slight problem over here, people in Europe which includes Italy, like to eat two big meals a day.  First at around 1 pm, then siesta till 4, back to work and then a second meal later. Say around 9 PM.  Like today, big meal of chicken scaloppini, fresh fennel bulb sliced thin and sauteed in the freshest olive oil known with salt, pepper and fresh parmasean cheese sprinkled on top.  Dessert of fresh Clementine tangerines.  At 9 o'clock we're making fresh dough, enough for four pizzas',  make the pizza and eat around 10 with 4 glasses of beer.  I get home and it's 10:40 in a 500 year old walled city with no night life and now have to stay up or not sleep.  I keep this up and you'll have stuff me into that plane with a shoe horn and a straight jacket to come home.  But right now, I'm lovin' it!

That's the fourth of four for four folks.
Yes I ate the equivilent of one of these.

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Greg Simms said...

I remember making pizza one evening with Paola and Franco outside in the pizza over. It was a disaster, with Franco actually throwing one of the pizzas over the fence while yelling, "vaffanculo"!!! I tried SO hard not to laugh! He was so angry, but it was HILARIOUS!!!!
The pizza was still good!
I miss them both very much. Please say hello to them for me would you? Paola, Franco Annalisa, and Lucretsia.
- Greg